To request a prescription refill, call our office and leave your name, date of birth, telephone number, the medication name and dosage needed, pharmacy name and phone number, and prescription number. We will call the medication refill into the pharmacy within 24 hours

Please note: Pain medications are not refilled after 4:00 p.m. or on weekends.
If you are completely out of your medication, please indicate that in your message and will attempt to refill the medication before the close of business that day.

If you need to speak to a doctor's assistant or have a question regarding your prescription, please follow our phone directions to "speak to the doctor's assistant" then leave your message.

Non-covered Prescription Policy
Due to multiple prescription formularies, some medications that we prescribe may be considered "non-covered" for your specific insurance plan. Patients that receive "non-covered prescriptions" must contact their pharmacy or their insurance to identify like-type drugs that are covered under their specific insurance plan. Once this information is obtained and provided to us, the "covered" prescription will be sent to your pharmacy.